Getting a bit of a jump on 'Throwback Thursday' with a 'Way Back Wednesday' salute to Burger King's retro sandwich 'The Yumbo'. I have been quite a connoisseur of fast food menu items but this one escapes me so I did a little more research.

In the above commercial from the actual 70's, Burger King boasts of a "ham and cheese sandwich that's new!", but does not mention "The Yumbo" by name. Since I was a card carrying member of Ronald McDonald's army, I can't recall many visits to Burger King prior to the late 80's, so it's quite possible that it was called "The Yumbo" and I never picked up on it.

The 2014 Yumbo does look quite similar to the one pictured in the actual 70's ham and cheese and reviews for the sandwich have ranged from sky high to dreadful. I have read more often that the 70's sandwich had a sweeter bun than the 2014 edition.

Clearly this advertising has worked on me because I am very interested to see what I was missing out on when 1979 A-Train was obsessed with collecting Happy Meal drinking glasses from 'The Muppet Movie'

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