We had a staff meeting yesterday and one of the things we had to do to prepare was to tell everyone what we are passionate about besides our jobs.  What do we do outside of work that we love?  I have to admit, I kinda felt like the most boring person on the planet when it came to my turn, however, one of the things that I love to do is organize and throw out the things I no longer need or use.  I am fierce at throwing out expired stuff first.  I am, however, guilty of keeping many of the things from this Reader's Digest list that I should throw out immediately, like:

  • Expired beauty products.  What?  I didn't know that my compact has a "best if used by" date, but apparently, it does.  Make up is a breeding ground for bacteria, so throw that sucker out and by some new stuff!
  • Cheap jewelry.  The stuff you might buy at Target or Walmart is chemically treated and not worth the money.  See, honey?  I have to buy expensive jewelry.
  • This next one is just wrong.  Microwave POPCORN!  Say it isn't so!!  Much like the makeup and the cheap jewelry, the inside of the bag is laced with, you guessed it.... GMO's and chemicals that, of course, get in to your delicious popcorn.  Go the old fashioned way and pop your corn yourself.

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