The next sentence I type is going to give you one of two reactions and there's going to be no in between. Your reaction will either be, "Oh yeah, me too." or "This dude is a psycho." And I'm fine with either. That said...

I give my dog a voice.

Like I literally speak as my dog (okay, nevermind, now that I type that out, your reaction is definitely "this dude is a psycho") and have pretty much since I got him. And that became a more regular thing when I made him a TikTok account while I was laid off for 9 months back in the start of 2020.

It's no influencer account and I barely update the thing, but it still comes in handy sometimes. Like this morning, when I pictured how I felt like I looked literally deadlifting endless shovel-bending piles of heavy, wet snow. And then pictured how I probably most definitely looked.

MTV's The Challenge via YouTube / Scene City via YouTube / Townsquare Media
MTV's The Challenge via YouTube / Scene City via YouTube / Townsquare Media

CT from MTV's 'The Challenge'

The Challenge is currently in what has to be its 4,294,829th season on MTV. And even though he's not in the current 'Ride or Dies' season that's airing, Chris "CT" Tamburello is considered a "Challenge Legend" and definitely cemented that years ago when he literally carried a grown man on his back during a competition. (Fast forward to 10:02 in the below video if it doesn't auto-start there -- sorry, Johnny Bananas.)

That's how I felt I looked while shoveling. Plus, CT is from Massachusetts, so the connection makes sense. But that's definitely not how I looked.

'Grown Ups' Movie

Back in 2010, Adam Sandler starred in a movie with fellow comedians Kevin James, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, and David Spade called Grown Ups that was based in New England. At the end of the movie, there's a 5-on-5 basketball game that's a rehash of a childhood game.

And during that game, two players fake injuries because they've had enough. (Start the video at 3:05 if it doesn't auto-start there.) And the way they fake their injuries is pretty much the way I figured I actually looked while shoveling this morning.

So, my dog Remy "called me out on it" on "his TikTok account."


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