2020 brings us many things, including filling out the Census.

According to the City of Dover's Facebook page, the residents of Dover, Newmarket and Durham participated in a competition to see who could fill out their census the most.  Dover had 67.7% participation, Newmarket came in at 66.4% and Durham was at 54.9%.

The prize for the Garrison City?  Newmarket Town Manager and Durham Town Administrator have to wash a Dover fire truck.  That actually sounds like fun!

I have to admit, I don't like giving the government my information.  I know that it has to do with how much public assistance we get, etc., etc., but I guess it's my Dad's influence.  He was very private and didn't like letting the Government know how many kids him and Ella were pumping out year after year.

If your Dad was like MY Dad, here are some factoids, according to census.gov, that might convince you it's a good thing:

  • It's a way to tell the Government that we need hospitals, schools or highways.
  • Many 911 services are based on how many people are in the area
  • Also, and the one that I like best, the census provides information about your heritage.

Regarding tracing one's genealogy, in my case, my Grandfather's name was Patrick.  His father's name was John.  On top of all that, there is a family story that one of those people was dropped off on a doorstep, so how am I ever going to trace that?  The census might give me a little bit of a clue.  I know I would still have a lot of work to do, but I like that sort of thing, so I filled out my census.

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