(Dover, NH) - The Woodman Museum is hosting it's 5th annual Night At The Museum fund-raiser.

Don Briand photo

"More Voices From The Cemetery" will feature actors portraying historic figures buried in Pine Hill Cemetery in Dover.

Past years events have featured the history of philanthropists Henry Law ( Henry Law Park) and Annie Woodman (Woodman Institute, Woodman Park).

Don Briand photo

Henry Law is buried next to Cordelia Teatherly, his one time fiance. He called off the wedding because he did not like her dog!  Her likeness atop the gravestone has her back turned to his grave, and has been dubbed "The Weeping Bride".

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The fund-raiser runs from 10 am to 3 pm both Saturday and Sunday.

And if you need more reason to visit, Pine Hill Cemetery has the best foliage in Dover!

Don Briand photo

For full details, visit woodmanmuseum.org.