I love dogs, but I don't own one, so, sometimes, I go to the dog park in Dover... without a dog. You can do it, too.  People and pets kinda look at you funny, but you'll get over it.

If you plan on going to the park, remember, there are rules. Here are some according to dover.nh.gov:

  • Your dog must be vaccinated. Heaven forbid, Fido bites someone and you have to prove that your dog has had all of his/her shots.
  • This one I don't understand: Your dog must be spayed or neutered. How come? If I were a dog and I got to go to the park and run around without a leash, I might want..... "ya-know," but I guess they frown on that sort of thing.
  • You can't have your dog on a choke chain, spiked or shock collars. What? People actually put shock collars on an animal supposed to be your pet? Glad they don't allow these. They should never be allowed.
  • You can't leave your dog unattended. I understand this rule, but if I'm in a dog park and my dog is off the leash and happy? I'm gonna let the dog be loose and happy.  Hopefully, Fido will come running when I call.

See you at the park!

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