Leave the kids behind for a night in the Boston area, at a place you would normally take them anyway.

If you've ever been to Boston's Legoland and thought "ya know, this place is awesome, but it would be really neat if they served beer and it was just for adults," (TBH, a harsh but reasonable thought, depending on the day) you're in luck. According to their website, Legoland offers an 'Adult Night' at the Legoland Discovery Center in Sommerville, MA.

This special event is a monthly thing, falling on a Wednesday each month from 7pm to 9:30pm, and it's strictly “no kids allowed.” Each time, they'll feature a themed-night at the attraction, adults can challenge the Master Model Builder and compete in build competitions for prizes. They'also be movies in 4D.

Oh, and a cash bar!

LegoLand's Adult Night is pretty reasonable. Their website lists a price of $22.95 per person. However, there's strength in numbers. Get a group of 10-20 people together, and the price goes down to $18.00. 20+? You can knock that down to just $16.00 per person.




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