You enjoy drinking craft beer from the tap, because that is the way the brewer meant for that beer to be consumed. Well, finding a craft brew from the tap isn't always easy, and bottles and cans just don't cut it. Your problem has been solved.

Meet 'Hank the Beer Tank,' a portable kegerator, allowing you to drink delicious craft beer from the tap ANYWHERE!

No more hauling trash cans with kegs and ice. No more bottles or cans. Just a cup and 'Hank the Beer Tank.'

Before we get too excited about this portable kegerator, we need to help these guys get their business off the ground so they can produce these for the masses.

They have a Kickstarter page that you can donate to if you really support the cause.

And if you want to go to a place where you can drink many different craft brews all from the tap, you should buy tickets to America On Tap. The event is at Raitt Farm in Eliot, Maine on Saturday, June 27th from 3PM-6PM.



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