Many of these animals aren't the kind I'd like to hang with.

Photo: Manchester Police Department
Photo: Manchester Police Department

Not only has the severe drought affected farmer's crops and feed for livestock, it has forced many species to search further for food.

There are warnings issued for campers and hikers saying to be alert for bears who might come closer to campgrounds and campsites to search trashbins for food, as many of the berry plants and bushes they like to munch on have been victimized by the lack of water.

It's not just the trash cans in the woods that are attracting bears, it could be the bins just outside your house.

And in Quincy, Massachusetts, a resident was surprised when a timber rattlesnack appeared on their front steps.

So on my daily walk there is a chance I could run into a bear or perhaps a rattlesnake? Who am I, Grizzly Adams?

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