There are some things that when you see them you can't help but chuckle to yourself and say "That is so New Hampshire."

Like this plow in Rochester getting business done in the front and in the back:

Dan Burke and Meghan O'Brien via Facebook
Dan Burke and Meghan O'Brien via Facebook

Or this dude who decided to go for a joy ride on his moped in the middle of a blizzard:

Brian Douillette via Facebook
Brian Douillette via Facebook

Here in the Granite State we are a unique breed of human, and I mean that in the best possible way.

David Lovlien Jr. is just about as New Hampshire as they get. He even refers to himself as "Mr. 603" which I think is awesome and hilarious.

David was recently snowmobiling somewhere in the Great North Woods between Pittsburg and Errol, New Hampshire. David was with his dad, who was up the trail a ways. As David got closer he noticed his dad was stopped. The snowmobile is pretty loud and when you have your helmet on, it is pretty hard to hear. David then saw his dad motioning with his hands to SLOW DOWN. David assumed that there was a deer that his dad wanted him to see. But low and behold, it was a big 'ole moose standing in the trail and snacking on some trees. He seemed very relaxed, and David and his dad kept quiet. The moose knew they were there. Every so often he would turn his head and give David and his Dad a look before continuing to munch away. He was completely unbothered by their presence.

As you do in this digital age, David whipped out his iPhone and started recording. He crept up ever so slowly (maybe a little too close for comfort but close enough where he was respecting the moose and his boundaries) All of a sudden, another slightly smaller moose appeared from out of the woods! They believe it was a female moose because it did not have antlers (though David told me moose shed their antlers, so it could have been a male. Who's to say?). The two moose were pretty friendly towards each other and began to frolic and live their best lives. The vibe was comparable to two dogs playing.

Here is the video David posted to Tik Tok:

Eventually the moose trotted back into the woods, very laissez faire without a care in the world.  David referred to them as the two moose from the children's movie Brother Bear (unfortunately this reference was lost on me but I'm sure it's real funny!).

David felt a mutual respect that day between him and the moose. David said it is illegal to chase moose on sleds, and he and his dad would never do that. But unfortunately, many people do. These two instead simply appreciated the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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