Bobby Marcotte's patio tables were stolen from the Rise + Grind in Durham and he wants them back.  Bobby has offered cash and free burgers for the rest of the semester to whomever gets his tables back.

What I'm hoping for is that the thieves who stole the tables don't come back to him and claim that they were the ones who found them.  My feeling is from this video that Bobby will be able to fish out the truth.  In this video, he seems pretty justifiably ticked off.

Please share this article so he can get them back asap!

How awful to steal from someone who has given so much for the communities of Durham and Raymond.  Bobby, his food, his staff and the restaurants themselves really have brought people such joy and happiness.  Why would they do this?

Apparently, not long ago, his sandwich boards were stolen.  Something that Bobby overlooked at the time, but now, he wants them back too.

Stealing is SO violating, especially when you are a small business.  Maybe because Bobby has some fame people think that he has a ton of money, but he is still trying to make it, just like everybody else.

If you have any knowledge of who did this, please reach out to Bobby on his Facebook page or on any of his restaurants pages, The Rise + Grind, the Hop + Grind and the Tuckaway Tavern and Butchery.

You can also call the Durham Police at 603-868-2324.

By the way, before you watch the video, if swear words offend you, you might not want to watch.  Might not be appropriate for little ears.



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