As I was waiting for my order of a buff chik wrap the other day, this stunning original  impressionist landscape really caught my eye.

Train Images
Train Images -

This beautiful piece and many others can be found on the walls of Wing-Itz in Dover.

It was located next to the TV screen in the southeastern corner of the restaurant and I found myself admiring it even more than the replay of the Celtics' 17 point beat down of Philly that was being broadcast next to it.

And that is truly saying something.

Train Images

Though a little out of my price range, I must say that if I ever buy original art it'll be something like this.

The thing that really catches my eye is the goldenrod at the low center of the frame.

It's so authentic that it really brings out the optical illusion of near-sighted-ness which (in my uneducated opinion) truly ties an impressionist painting together.

Check out his website for more terrific paintings here.

Who'd have guessed I'd truly appreciate art while waiting for a #1 combo with fries?

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