If the old adage 'An Apple A Day, keeps the Doctor away' is true? I'm going to live until I'm 200. The best apples on planet earth can be found right here in NH, now until November!

Sarah Sullivan Photo Credit
Sarah Sullivan Photo Credit

In this featured image above, you are looking at two examples of an extremely rare hybrid, (and I'm not talking about myself), I'm holding two 'Hiram's Choice' apples.

They can only be found in ONE PLACE on the entire planet and since I've written many times on these blogs where this fruit and vegetable stand is, and since I'd like them all to myself, I will keep it a mystery.


Just a couple miles from that place is Butternut Farm. A wonderful orchard/farm/cider mill that has many terrific varieties of apples, peaches and berries that you can pick for yourself or (my favorite method) just pick up a bag or quart without all that pesky manual labor.

They have Ginger Golds, Zestars and YES Honey Crisp all available as the NH apple season really starts to rev up!

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