Rochelle and I are getting married in a just a couple of weeks, and we've tried to pause now and again to take in the whole experience. With all the details, it's easy to get caught up in the minutia.

One of our rather amusing observations were the little details on the people you know best (friends/family) that you pick up simply by throwing a reception; so if you've thrown a wedding, or a graduation/birthday/anniversary/retirement party/whatever it is on a fairly large scale, you might share this amusement.

We learned for example:

1) The square footage and value of homes of our friends (yea, we zillow'd like creepers)

2) Who is vegan, who dislikes seafood, and who is gluten free

3) Who likes to party go solo and who brings a plus one other than their known significant other

What wild and crazy things have you learned about friends and family?

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