Thanks to Angela (daughter of Jodi from Accounting) we get to see a different angle of the accident that happened on Route 16 early this morning.

Angela - Photo Credit
Angela - Photo Credit

As someone who drove this exact same stretch of road just an hour or so prior to this accident, I can easily see how it happened.

The wet and heavy snow was falling at such a fast pace that the left lane was kept clear as the right lane accumulated more and more cement like slush.

I could barely keep my tires all going in the same direction when I emerged from the right lane heading southbound (and I only have 4). I cannot imagine trying to keep sixteen or eighteen wheels in unison.

Luckily no injuries were reported from this incident.

Between Jodi from Accounting providing me with awesome mittens that serve as fantastic driving gloves AND Angela providing great photographs of which I can blog about, I am very thankful!

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