Back in June, I told you about a great restaurant that I discovered in Portsmouth, Ohana, located at the 800 Islington Street Plaza.  The food was absolutely delicious.  I could eat that stuff all day.  Now, according to a story from Seacoast Online, the owners are opening up a second location in Exeter, next to On The Vine.

As I told you back in June, Ohana's food is fresh, healthy and delicious.  The poke bowls are kind of like deconstructed sushi with rice, kale, avocado and whatever else you may like.

Exeter, believe it or not, is becoming my favorite town to eat out  There are two other restaurants in Exeter that are right at the top of my list:

Blue Moon Evolution is the place that my husband and I went to for our anniversary.  We got everything from apps to dessert and it was worth it.

Laney and Lu's is another MUST TRY in Exeter.  I could eat there everyday too.

Maybe I should move to Exeter.  I wouldn't have to cook ever again.



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