If you go out to eat these days with just two people, you can expect to spend around $100 depending on how many cocktails you get, etc.  It's really kind of insane.

However, there is one restaurant in the Granite State where you can get unbelievably delish drinks and creative menu items that won't break the bank.

Moxy, a tapas restaurant with amazing drinks in Portsmouth New Hampshire, has been named the best value for your money, according to lovefood.com. 

Moxy's best feature, in my opinion, is their cocktails.  They are beautiful creations that taste delicious (sometimes TOO delicious) and will run you from $14 - $16 dollars each.

This is a Velvet Sofa made with gin, creme de violette, ginger, black pepper, lime, and bitters.  I haven't tried it yet, but this cocktail makes me want to get my nails done exactly the color of one of the violets on top of the drink, then sip it slowly.

Tapas, by definition, originated in Spain. It is a serving style, not a type of food.  These small plates are perfect for you to try and not feel so full.  The prices of each item reflects that.

Every food item on Moxy's menu is between $8 and $17, according to their website.

Things like:

  • PEI mussels
  • Pan Seared Whitefish
  • Beef Short Rib
  • Mini Beef Burgers
  • Mini Italian Sausages
  • Crispy Pork Belly

There are many other food selections, and every one of them has fancy flare that screams "take a picture of me and post me on Instagram."

According to LoveFood, the owner, Matt Louis, is a 4x James Beard Award Best Chef semi-finalist.  The dishes that he serves at Moxy are inspired by our local farmers and fisherman.

Moxy is just one of the many great restaurants Portsmouth has to offer.  I feel very grateful to live here.

What's your favorite restaurant in Portsmouth?

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