When we first learned of "Simple Pleasures Gentlemen's Club" through this Union Leader story, it was just a prank sign promoting a fictional strip club that was to be built on the corner of Route 125 and Route 27. Now, this prank will forever live in infamy.

Twitter VIA @Schreibernews
Twitter VIA @Schreibernews

For those of you that may not be following this incredible saga, Jason Schreiber of The Union Leader has updated the epic prank that remains at the news epicenter of 'The Center Of The Universe', Epping NH.

When last we read of this sign, promoting the construction of a fictional exotic dance establishment, it was attached too high on the utility pole to remove without the aid of a bucket truck.

The effort to remove it would happen sometime yesterday.

That effort, was unsuccessful.

According to Schreiber's sidesplitting sequel in the Union Leader follow up article, the bucket truck got stuck in the mud and needed to be towed out. As a result, 'Simple Pleasures Gentlemen's Club' is a prank that just keeps on pranking.

As you can imagine, the commentary boxes have been chattering non-stop about this.

Most people are badgering the land owner to get a ladder and be done with it.

Easy for them to say.

From the photo of the area that I saw on the article, it appears that the pole is atop a small hill right next to the road. Since it's been raining for three days straight I wouldn't be in any hurry to make an attempt that way either.

 According to Schreiber, Consolidated Communications owns the utility pole and will remove it sooner than later as routine maintenance is scheduled in a few days.

Ah, but the memories of this, will last a lifetime.

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