New England Patriot's Tom Brady posted this picture on his Facebook page on July 4th, but is it real or photoshopped?

Facebook - Tom Brady
Facebook - Tom Brady

Nothing is more American for a Fourth of July weekend than a star NFL quarterback posing like a boss with bald eagles on each arm.

The Facebook photo posted by Tom Brady on July 4th shows him posing like an eagle while two of the birds rest on his arms. The caption with the photo says: "Haters gonna say it's photoshopped... Happy 4th of July everyone!"

Hundreds of thousands of fans have shared the photo, but some are wondering if it is photoshopped or not. Not everyone is a photoshop expert, but for those that are not let me tell you the truth behind this photo.

It is a fake.

Two obvious factors reveal the true nature of this hilarious online prank. The first one lies in the photo because, while Tom Brady has a shadow, the two eagles in the photo do not. That is pretty solid evidence that they were inserted into the photo digitally.

The second one lies in the caption. One of the memes spreading around social media has people posting obviously photoshopped photos and say "Haters gonna say it's photoshopped." Tom seems to be checking on the latest dank memes on the internet.

Tom Brady has an army of haters alongside his army of fans, which adds another layer of comedy to this online gag. There were surely haters champing at the bit to scream that the photo was fake and Tom Brady is a liar. New England Patriots fans, and anyone with an eye for image manipulation, know he is just giving fans something to laugh about for the holiday weekend.

What would have made the picture even more patriotic? Maybe some homemade apple pie in his lap or fireworks coming our of his armpits. I'd say that is the symbol America needs in these times.

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