According to a new study from Zippia, Monday is THE most common faked sick day of the week. I'm about to tell you why it's NOT the best day. Behold, my Fake Sick Day Power Rankings!

Credit Think Stock
Credit Think Stock

The following workday Power Rankings in faked sick days is meant to be taken lightly and PLEASE don't cite me if you get fired for truancy.

4th Place - Tuesday

You have to suffer through a Monday just to take the next day off? Then return for THREE more consecutive workdays? Poor planning and shortsighted.

3rd Place - Wednesday

While obliterating hump day all together is superior to Tuesday, it still lacks originality as having back to back two day workdays just seems TOO perfect. Might arouse suspicion.

Tied for 2nd - Monday and Friday

While the endorphin rush of sleeping in for 3 straight days may seem like the ultimate, and it is pretty sweet, there is always the guilt factor.

One's deceitful three day vaca can be clouded by your conscience, not to mention the fear that a co-worker may witness you in public having a grand old time when you're 'sick'.

1st - Thursday

From the darkest depths of the midweek to the bright sunshine of the weekend! Oh the magic that those 24 hours perform on your state of mind.

Your weekend can be now enjoyed without the worry of being seen by anyone AND you're well rested too!

By the way, I DO NOT practice what I preach. My last sick day was due to a vicious stomach bug on Friday, December 6th of 2013. I believe in karma and even the thought of faking sick days freaks me out.

When I was in high school though? That's when the tenets of these Power Rankings were developed.

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