Do we really need to worry about ticks in January here in Massachusetts?

According to a report from WCVB, yes.  It's because of the warm weather this past weekend, the ticks woke up from their winter hibernation and are now more active than usual.  They are looking for a tasty meal, a/k/a human blood.

The report says Harvard entomologist, Dr. Rich Pollack says ticks never fully go away when the temperature drops.  They simply becomes "quiet."  Dr. Pollack said:


It's warm enough for people to be out enjoying the great outdoors, raking their leaves and the ticks are stretching their legs. and they find us, sometimes we find them and then they have a feast.

Parents are urged to check kids and pull off any ticks they find and save them for a doctor to inspect, even in winter.

My friend was diagnosed with lyme disease and she has gone through so much pain, that I cover myself head to toe now when I go in to the woods.  They are always there!

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