A Waterboro family involved in the fatal, three-vehicle crash that occurred Wednesday night in New Hampshire is seeking donations to help bring home the body of the victim, who was a passenger in the car, as well as helping with funeral expenses.

Jon Sawyer, who was operating the 2012 Jeep Liberty that police say was rear-ended and thrust into an oncoming lane where it was struck by a third vehicle, started a fundraiser on Facebook to help offset expenses associated with the death of Peter Carver, a 58-year-old man from Maine.

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Sawyer told Seacoast Current that he and Carver were cousins and that Carver had been living with his family in Waterboro.

"Me and Pete were very close," Sawyer said when reached by phone on Friday. "We were more like brothers than we were cousins. We did everything together. We went everywhere together."

Sawyer said he, his wife, Darcy, and Carver were traveling in New Hampshire and on their way home to Waterboro when the accident occurred on Route 4 in Epsom. Police allege a 34-year-old woman, identified as Amanda Lambert of Loudon, hit the back of Sawyer's Jeep, causing it to veer into the oncoming lane where a third vehicle made contact with the Jeep.

Raymond appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, police said, and was later arrested. She has since been released on bail.

Police said Carver was pronounced dead at the scene. Sawyer said he doesn't remember anything in the immediate aftermath of the accident until he woke up in nearby Concord Hospital.

Sawyer added that after he and Darcy were discharged from Concord Hospital, Darcy needed to be brought to Maine Medical Center in Portland where it was found she had bleeding in her brain.

"If it continues to bleed," Sawyer said, "then she will be the second loss from the accident."

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