The swing of the bat and the sound of the ball flying out of the park has begun at Fenway and I could not be happier.  Baseball season has begun and so far, the Red Sox are doing great!  They won big last night against the Tampa Bay Rays, 6-5.  It looked like they were going to lose early in the game, however, they came back big in the 12th inning!  What a game.

According to a report from WBZ/CBS Boston, the Boston Red Sox will be wearing uniforms without any red in them at all on the weekend of Boston Marathon.  Or, what would have been the running of the Boston Marathon.  We are only going to see these uniforms on the weekend of Nike MLB City Connect Series.  J.D. Martinez is a fan, according to the WBZ report.

Not all the fans are psyched about the change, however.  The woman in the report said that the yellow and blue "takes away from the whole Boston vibe."  But, from the smiles on her face, however, I bet she didn't mind that much.  Her and her man looked like they were having a good time.  (Assuming that was "her man.")

The yellow and blue uniforms will be worn the weekend of April 17 - 19, which is when the Marathon was supposed to be run, but now, it's happening on Monday, October 11th.  After that, the Red Sox will go back to the traditional colors of Red and White.

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