This may be the only time anyone gets excited, even a little bit, about candy corn, whether it's passing it out on Halloween or just using it as decoration and filler.  No matter how you get into it, or don't, recalls are something to take seriously.

The candy corn packages in question only appear to be in Massachusetts and Connecticut stores right now, as it's a specific company out of Auburn, according to

Food And Drug Administration Headquarters In Maryland
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However, buyer beware. says that if you see any candy corn from Arcade Snacks, that's the candy corn to pay attention to.  The big concern is allergies, according to the Food and Drug Administration,  Arcade Snacks issued the recall of its 15 ounce packages because they may contain egg in them, however, the packaging doesn't indicate that.  There luckily aren't any reports of any illnesses because of this candy corn, and hopefully the recall happened in time if someone is allergy to eggs or anything related.

The FDA says that if you're unsure, or just want to double-check even if you feel safe, the Arcade Snacks packaging is UPC #0 18586 00114 4 with a best by date of 3/8/2023 on the label on the back panel.

Bag of Candy Corn
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Obviously return the candy for a refund if you have any.  I'm personally not allergic to eggs or any kind of egg product, but any kind of recall makes me want to return something if it's on the list, you know?

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