First off, thanks to everyone that pledged their listenership to the Shark last week in our quest for 25,000 new listeners. That said, as promised, I brushed my teeth with wasabi and hot mustard toothpaste when we hit 20,000 pledges. Here is the video.

We had a blast reading all of your comments and hearing from you.

The answer is yes, it is as bad as it looks, in fact it's worse. The heat is one thing, that I can handle, I was prepared for the burn, watery eyes and runny nose, but the texture, and taste are what got me. I don't like wasabi or hot mustard with food, so you can imagine what this was like.

I didn't puke, but I gagged like never before. I had creamer, toothpaste and mouthwash ready to go for when I was done. It helped, but didn't fully rid me of the horrid taste in my mouth. In fact, I couldn't use the bathroom that I did it in for the rest of the day because the odor was still there. Nasty.

So, was it worth it for 20,000 pledges? Absolutely, it's over and the taste is gone. Will I ever do it again? Absolutely not. Not even for 100,000 pledges.