The 2014 Winter Olympics get underway with the Opening Ceremony on Friday night at 8PM.  Every free moment I have will be spent in front of the tube watching whatever sport is on for the duration of the games.  I love that there is always something on, no matter what time of day it is, plus international competition is fantastic!  Here are my top five must watch events at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

5.) Luge

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Sleds with long sharp blades shooting down a tunnel of ice at crazy fast speeds? Yes please!

4.) Snowboarding

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Two words: Shaun.White. Two more word: American. Domination.

3.) Alpine Skiing

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Unfortunately Lindsey Vonn is injured and is hanging out with Tiger Woods instead of racing, but we still have a buzzed up Bode Miller to look forward too!

2.) Hockey

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I love the sport of hockey and normally it would be number one on this list, but we're in the middle of the NHL Season. Part of the draw of the Olympics for me is watching sports I don't normally get to see. With that said International hockey is awesome. The 2010 gold medal game between the U.S. and Canada was epic!  The U.S. lost but it was a great game; hopefully we get the gold this year.

1.) Curling

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I wish I had some sort of explanation as to why I enjoy watching curling so much, but I don't.  Mens, Womens, China VS Denmark, South Korea against Germany, doesn't matter, I'll watch any curling match. I have some strange fascination with the sport and I look forward to many hours of curling action during the 2014 Winter Olympics.