Just when you think you've seen it all when it comes to creatures in Maine, Mother Goose delivers yet another surprise. This time in the form of a unique and bizarre spider, which almost resembles the famous nursery rhyme character Humpty Dumpty if you're looking at it from the right angle.

Shared on Facebook by Darcy Watson, she was looking through her garden when she stumbled upon this spider that she had never spotted before. The spider is obviously c camouflaged to match the plants in her garden with the exception of its large white back. The markings on this spider's back make it look like a face and you can't help but start thinking that Humpty Dumpty took a fall right into this spider's trap.

The reality is that this is an American Green Crab spider. According to insectidentification.org, the green crab spider can move in any and all directions, similar to its namesake. It's bright green color allows it to hunt its prey, like bees, beetles or butterflies and unlike many other spiders, this one doesn't spin a web. They can be found almost anywhere in the United States, with the exception of deserts or harsh mountainous climates.

So let it be known, Humpty Dumpty is safe and sound. But if you struggle with a fear of spiders, knowing this now exists may have changed your fond nursery rhyme memories into nightmares. We're truly sorry.

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