just beat Joey Chestnut

He was a big fan of the annual Lobster Roll Eating Contest on Ocean Boulevard and wouldn't you know it? In 2010 at the ripe old age of seventeen he became champion of that event downing TWENTY THREE Lobster Rolls in just ten minutes.

Since then he has made quite a name for himself with an extremely entertaining YouTube channel that garners millions of views for each of his challenge videos.

I think I know why they're so popular. Aside from just being an engaging and likable personality, they're not gross!

For the most part, he eats a half a ton of whatever in a short amount of time and somehow, he does so very cleanly and efficiently.

I'll be honest, I have trouble watching Nathan's Famous Hot Dog contest on the 4th of July because the sight of the squishing of 50 soggy hot dog rolls makes me gag every time. But that never happens when I watch The Megatoad.

I'm so happy that he continues to amaze the world and beat the very best and to think it all began right on Hampton Beach!

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