Some good news from the Bangor Daily News.  Coach Rod Wotton, of Eliot and former coach for Marshwood High School in South Berwick has been named "Maine’s Greatest High School Football Coach of All Time.”

Coach Wotton is 81 now and lives in York.  He said he is certain he has a lot of great memories of that time, but to pick out his favorite one, was a challenge.  He did, according to the article, say this about the kids that he coached,

I always tried to treat them all the same.  All I asked the kids to do was give me all you’ve got. You can’t ask for anything more than that.

How wonderful.  Coaches are, without a doubt, a huge influence on your child's life.  If your child has a good coach, they can encourage him/her in a way that you, as a parent, can not do.  It was like that with my son, Colin.  He had a football coach at Horne Street School in Dover who was excellent.  Colin eventually gave up football, but he was great while it lasted.

I wonder who you would vote as the greatest high school coach in New Hampshire?  I didn't have a favorite coach in high school.  My favorite part about anything to do with physical activity was when the gym teacher said that I didn't have to change in to my shorts for gym class.  That didn't happen often, but man, when it did, I was happy.  I used to use the excuse that I had a visit from "my little friend."  That one always worked.

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