Why Are Patriot Fans Still Infatuated With Tom Brady?

I'll tell you why.  Because he has won more Superbowls for the Patriots than any other!  We STILL talk about the game when the Patriots were down 28-3, don't we?  Greatest game I ever witnessed in my life.  He is an inspiration to all of humanity.  I know I should be watching what the Patriots are doing with their Quarterback status, after all, I am a Patriots fan.  I can't help myself, however, for still loving Tom Brady, the GOAT and watching his interviews.  This was a good one yesterday when he sat down with Michael Strahan from Good Morning America.

What Does Tom Brady Have To Prove Next?

Michael asked Tom what he needs to prove next.  Tom said that he doesn't think that "proving it is the motivation."  He just still wants to play football.  Tom also said that he's still got a little game left in him and once you stop, you can't go back.  (Although....  Gronk stopped and came back... but maybe he's thinking of QB status.)

What is the #1 Principle of Tom Brady's TB12 Method?

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After Tom Brady proved to me that he is the greatest super human of all time, I decided to get his book The TB12 Method.  From the book, the number one principle of the TB12 Method is pliability.  Tom says that pliability is the most underutilized and least understood part of performance training.  The book says that without pliable muscles, you can't achieve long-term health.  HELLO YOGA CLASSES, HERE I COME!

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