I guess you really know you have made it in life when a zoo names an animal after you.  Boston.com reports that a zoo located in Tampa, Florida has named a baby rhinoceros after him.

I wonder how many people have named their pets after Gronk when he was playing for the Patriots here in New England.

One thing I can say for sure is that I would take either the human Rob Gronkowski or the baby Rhino named Gronk to defend me.

Baby Gronk the rhino from the Zoo in Tampa at Lowry Park weighs in at nearly 600 pounds and is only 5 months old, according to Boston.com.

Gronk took to his Twitter account to send out a “He is so handsome!” in response to the zoo posting a picture of the cutest baby rhino ever, according to Boston.com.

It seems Gronkowski is quite flattered having the little, or not so little, rhino named after him.  Gronkowski originally saw his namesake over a FaceTime call back in October 2020, the news article stated.

Boston.com reports that Gronkowski exclaimed in the FaceTime call, “I just wanna say it is an honor to meet you baby Gronk, and you are my new inspiration.”

Who doesn’t love baby animals?  It certainly seems the baby rhino has brought Gronk some luck with winning the last Super Bowl and that the city of Tampa has fully embraced him.

It was sad to see Gronk and Brady move on to another team, but I wish them well.  I suppose having a zoo name an animal after you is peak 2020 but if any zoos in New Hampshire want to name an animal Chio, I would be delighted!

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