This season REALLY separates those who are SERIOUS NH bird watchers from those who are not. Since I'm never serious about anything, I've got four that you should be able to find without too much effort.

Four Fine NH Feathered Friends To Find This Fall

I was surprised by how similar the call of the blue headed vireo was to the red eyed vireo, yet nowhere near as intense and annoying. It was a much more pleasant tone of 'Where are you? Here I am.'  He gave the appropriate pause after each phrase and in a much more melodious key.

When trying to locate the BHV, what really jumps out at you from the inner branches of the brush that they're peeking at you from, is the eye ring that they're peeking at you with.  A really bright white oval that surrounds an eye that is just as dark in contrast.

They never stop moving though so it can get kind of frustrating when your binocular talents are as amateurish as mine.

Keep in mind that, for the most part, these birds are not really trying to be seen. They're trying to load up on as many calories as possible so they can fly thousands of miles.

We New Englanders really get spoiled every May and June when the same species at at their brightest in color and their bravest in activity. They're putting on a quite a show because it's mating season.

Be patient though and you're bound to see something cool!

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