The Patriots are well represented in the Pro Football Focus Top 50 for 2017. Four players made the list, but Brady is NOT number 1.

Pro Football Focus released their rankings for 2017. It's important to note that his list represents rankings for the upcoming year, so, they aren't solely based on last years performance.

So, Brady came in at number 3, Gronk is 9, Malcolm Butler is 38 and Devin McCourty landed at 49.

Basically with these rankings PFF is predicting the future. They're saying that at the end of next season, Aaron Donald, defensive tackle for the Rams will have had the best season out of anyone in the NFL.

Now, how do you compare different positions and claim that one person had a better season based on different accomplishments, I don't know, that's why I don't take any stock in these rankings, however I like to check them because they can be a good barometer for Fantasy Football.

Here's the full list from Pro Football Focus:

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