The outpouring of love and support that we are giving our nurses, doctors, paramedics, EMTs, Police, Fire & Rescue and countless others in the medical community and other frontline workers is so very heartwarming.

I love to see people giving them a hand at 7pm every Friday night outside of their windows or just reminding them that we are here for them in every way that we possibly can.

I just saw another article from WCVB that said a local florist was giving out flowers to Boston health care workers.

It really made them very happy and that small gesture goes so far.

There is something going around Facebook, however, calling attention to the other side of giving flowers, coffee and pizza, etc.

There are some that would rather have you donate your time, love & money to those who need it.

Here's the Facebook post from my friend Rob.  It's not his original words, they were copied from another friend of his:


I am a Paramedic - a frontline worker, and to be honest I don't need free pizza or free cups of coffee. I don't need discount vouchers, etc. I am grateful that I won’t be losing my income due to this pandemic. As much as I greatly appreciate the gesture, please please please offer a free cup of coffee or pizza to the families who are struggling to feed their children, the older generation, the self-employed, or to anyone else who is suffering financially from Covid-19 measures and are not covered by government grants or loans.

Medical personnel and other selfless professions help people.

That's what they do.

In emergency situations like the one we are currently in, they are our heroes, no doubt.

But this isn't over and the Superheroes of the front lines are not relaxed.  They are still fighting this thing.

When it's all over, they will sit back, eat pizza, drink coffee and smell the flowers.  But for now, they have work to do.

Get out of their way and bring the flowers and pizza to a family who just lost their primary source of income.


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