A Mainer got more than she expected from the Garth Brooks concert at Gillette Stadium this past weekend.

According to WMTW-TV, Jessica Cloukey made the trek down to Foxborough, MA, from Lincoln with a special piece of memorabilia and a custom sign for the show. See, this was not Jessica's first Garth Brooks show. And she had a message for the iconic country performer. She decided to make a sign that read, “Bangor, Maine 1992: I’ve saved your guitar pick for 30 years! Need it back?” And Garth certainly saw it.

As you can see in the video, Garth actually read the sign, which is outstanding. However, Garth didn't need the guitar pick back. He also didn't seem to need his guitar, because that ended up in the hands of Jessica. Now she has something to go along with that pick.

It's also impossible not have some serious feels watching Jessica's reaction. It's pure, unadulterated joy. It's awesome to see what the power of music and performance can play in our lives.

Brittany Rose: Canva
Brittany Rose: Canva

This extraordinary act of kindness was witnessed by a packed house of thousands of fans. And boy does Garth sell it. First the reading of the sign, then playfully talking about how young she must have been at the show in 1992. He graciously gives her a guitar capo (a little thing that helps with pitch), and finally nonchalantly hands over the guitar. The man knows emotion.

This isn't Garth's first rodeo handing over a guitar at a show. It's sort of a tradition. There's some great videos from across the country of Garth hooking up very lucky fans. Truly a wholesome YouTube deep dive to make.

Even though it's happened before, it certainly doesn't make it any less special. To be given something so special from an idol must be quite an amazing feeling.

It also seems that Garth is a genuinely good dude, something we need way more of in this country.

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