One of the most dominant news stories of the past few weeks is the rocketing price of a gallon of gas. I figured I better fill the gigantic tank of The Shark Van before it hits $3! Take a guess how much this costs? (It really is a big tank)

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Read Em and Weep!

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At 2 dollars and 87 cents a gallon, I topped off our beloved 2006 Chevy Astro Van to the tune of 73 dollars and 45 cents. *horrified skull face emoji*

Are you like me? When the weather starts to get warmer and the inevitable spike in petroleum prices happen, do you revert to your teenage years?

"I'll just put in 9 bucks worth for right now and that'll get me to the weekend? Right?"

I don't know what my strategy is here, but it always seems like I'm getting away with something.

For those of you wondering "25 and a half gallons? How big is that tank?!"

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27 Gallons BABY! We still had well over a gallon to burn! The Shark Van NEVER runs out!