Yes, the dented one will be at the Dover Ice Arena today from 9am - 11:30am, according to a story from Fosters.  The event could be outside today as we are not expecting rain this morning.  No players are expected to be there, but we will see Pat Patriot and a couple of Patriot Cheerleaders!

According to Inspired Bronze website, there are many things that you may not know about the Lombardi trophy including:

  • The original trophy was designed in 1967 by former Tiffany & Co VP when the NFL asked him to design one.  During the meeting, the VP sketched it out on a napkin.
  • It takes about four months to complete the trophy - which is 22" tall and weighs 7 pounds.  The football on the top is regulation size and made entirely of sterling silver.
  • After The Patriots win the Superbowl and have the trophy on the field, it's only for the sake of photographs.  The trophy then goes back to New Jersey to get the winning team's name hand-engraved on it.

See you at the Arena!

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