A small group of fans got to say hello to George Clooney on the last day of filming of "The Tender Bar," a movie directed by Clooney and starring Ben Affleck, according to a report from WCVB.

They got a little too close for some of the people who were on the set and you can hear them saying, "We're still in a pandemic!"  One woman, with a wicked Boston accent, just wanted to get a picture with him.  She was SO EXCITED!

"The Tender Bar" is really Jacob's Corner pub on Rantoul Street in Beverly, Mass.  They changed the sign to read, The Dickens for the shoot.


The movie is based on a memoir by author J. R. Moehringer and it sounds SO good.  I am very much in to memoirs, so I'm putting it on my list of must-reads.

According to the IMDB, the movie is about a boy growing up in Long Island who seeks out father figures in his Uncle's Bar.


Moehringer also wrote "Resurrecting the Champ" that came out in 2007, also based upon a true story, starring Samuel L. Jackson as the Champ, according to IMDB.   

It wasn't long ago that they started filming at Jacob's in Beverly.  I think I heard about this maybe the beginning of March.  It sure doesn't take long to put a film together or maybe I just don't know that much about film making.  Or maybe the actual film shoot doesn't take long, but then you have to edit, add music, etc., etc.  Kind of like when I interview someone, the interview itself may take only 10 or so minutes, but putting it together is much more time consuming.

I'm currently reading, "Me Before You," so this one will have to wait, but I am hopeful to read "The Tender Bar" before the movie comes out.

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