Red River Hog Born at Franklin Park Zoo


A special summer birth of the adorable red river hog happened on July 31 this year.  The little piglet was introduced to the public on August 14th and is doing well.  Her mother, Artemis was hooked up with Tamu, a red river hog and the magic was real.  Artemis is a first-time mom, and she gave birth to triplets but sadly the other two piglets didn’t make it.  The new piglet appears strong and is doing very well according to


Red River Hogs are part of the SSP, Species Survival Plans


The birth was welcomed with a big sigh of relief given that the Franklin Park Zoo is part of Species Survival Plan which helps endangered or threatened species.  The River Hog’s natural habitat is west and central Africa.  I wonder what they think when it snows here.  The little piglet has coloring like a watermelon and is so cute I just want to squeeze him!  According to Assistant Curator Christine Bartos says “We’re really thrilled about this birth, which is a first for the species here at the Franklin Park Zoo.  Artemis is doing great and being a very attentive mother.”


How is the baby


The baby piglet is nursing well from his mother and is already rooting for roots bules and grasses but is not quite ready for solid foods yet.  If you want to get a chance to see the cute little piglet, you can see the watermelon-speckled baby and the mom, Artemis at the Franklin Park Zoo every day except Sundays.  Nature is wonderful.  Congrats to the staff for working so hard to save endangered species.



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