Every Christmas you hear from the gift card haters. To hear some people tell it,  Giving a gift card shows a lack of imagination or how little you know about the person, or even a lack of effort on the person giving the gift card.

I say Horsehockey!! (props to Sherman T. Potter). I'll give the gift card, and take the gift card, all day, everyday, twice on Sundays, and feel absolutely fine doing so.

For many years when I was a kid, I'd always get an album from my parents. It would be wrapped and under the tree well before the big day, allowing me to wonder which album from my Christmas list would it be.

One Christmas, I received Queen's Greatest Hits. Being a huge Queen fan, seems like a nice present. It wasn't. Being a huge Queen fan, I already had every Queen album, which had every Queen song on them. I smiled, and thanked them very much, but never took it out of it's cellophane.

Perfect example of when the gift card would have been the way to go. A lesson lived, is a lesson learned. Get me in the store, I'll take care of the rest.

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