Don't look at us! The Girl Scouts of the USA recently revealed that they have an extra 15 million boxes of unsold cookies for the 2021 season. However, in NH and Massachusetts, sales appear to have been normal.

Girl Scouts Kicks Off National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend At Grand Central Terminal
Paul Morigi

Due to the pandemic, sales of Girl Scout Cookies went through a bit of an adjustment due to safety protocols.

This year, cookies were only sold through walk up and drive through events as well as online. And as an additional historic business move, The Girl Scouts also teamed with food delivery service Grubhub in hopes of boosting access and distribution.

However, this year has proven that the most important method of selling is still the classic door to door technique and visiting family members. Without that aspect, sales considerably dipped.

According to CBS Boston, this was not the case in the Route 128 beltway.

Meanwhile in Massachusetts


“Despite the pandemic, Girl Scouts in eastern Massachusetts sold a record number of Girl Scout Cookie packages online, and customers purchased a record number of Girl Scout Cookies for donation to local charitable organizations.”


- Girl Scouts Of Eastern Massachusetts Spokesperson - Brenda Wheelock

WOW! Drop the mike on that one!

Similarly, my inside sources at the Girl Scouts of The Green and White Mountains Council estimate that NH sales were consistent with around 30,000 boxes donated to local charities.

This was the first year in ages that the GWMC Girl Scouts couldn't visit The Shark Morning Show in person and give me the blindfolded taste test (of which I am undefeated).

Sarah Sullivan Photo Credit
Sarah Sullivan Photo Credit

I have to think, that visit alone accounts for 5 to 7 thousand total boxes that I eat on that one day.

Being tested blindfolded is hard work!

I'm glad The Girl Scouts of NH and Massachusetts overcame unprecedented adversity and had another good year of sales.

I can't wait for things to return to normal in March of 2022, I'm sure the nationwide bounce back will be awesome!

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