What does that mean?

"Go run another 40 in your suit?"  Hmmm.....

This Patriots season has been one of education for me.  Thanks to A-Train, my incredibly talented, smart co-host in the Shark Tank, Jake from SIS Bank and Hugh from Eliot Small Engine.  All season, they have been educating me on everything from team names to the strategy of the game, but when I heard that Scott Zolack, one of the commentators you hear on The Shark, said to some NFL sports announcer, Rich Eisen, to "go run another 40 in your suit," I had no idea what that meant.

Here's the YouTube interview with Scott Zolack.   Be warned, there are some words in the interview that may be offensive to some:

I've just returned from A-Train's office, a/k/a studio.  Here's how the conversation went when I asked Train:

Me:  Hey A-Train, Zo just told some NFL guy to "go run another 40 in his suit."

Train:  HAHAHA!  That's hilarious.  I love Zo.

Then he explained what it meant:   Rich Eisen does a 40 yard run at the NFL draft in Indianapolis every year to benefit St. Jude's Hospital, in his suit.  So, when Eisen started to dis TB12, (in Zo's opinion) that's when Zo decided to defend our beloved Brady.

OOOOOOOH.  Another reason to love Scott Zolack.  Defender of the GOAT!!

Thanks, Train.  Sports Translated for Girls.  Another reason to love ya!

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