Yesterday at 3:15pm, several residents of Oak Street in Gonic found themselves at the scene of a terrible car accident, Police standoff and subsequent shootout all in a matter of seconds. Many members of my immediate family witnessed it all from across the street.

Police crime scene
Brian Jackson - ThinkStock

The most common description of this event is how incredibly loud the sound of the impact was when the SUV struck the curb and building. The noise that this caused was heard by individuals that were a mile away from the crash sight.

It was this noise that drew the full attention of all in the area, including my Father, Brother, Sister in Law and family friend who saw the beginnings of the resulting shootout from the living room window, around one hundred feet away.

My brother noticed a small fire underneath the driver's side wheel well and then the multiple gunshots began. All four members of my family retreated as quickly as they could to a back room.

A few minutes after this terrifying event, my brother called and told me to take the back roads because Oak Street was shut down from Rte 125 to Hansonville Road. The resulting investigation just ended a couple hours ago, nearly 18 hours after the initial crash.

A joint statement from all officers of the law have made a statement and encourage that

'Any person who witnessed this incident is asked to contact Sgt. Justin Rowe of the New Hampshire Police Major Crime Unit at (603) 271-3636.'

Very scary day for Gonic indeed.

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