Last night my wife and I celebrated three years of married life with a pile of chicken fingers, crab rangoons, egg rolls, pork fried rice, General Tso's chicken, beef and broccoli, and fortune cookies.  Not exactly the most romantic of meals, but it was a work night, and we have a young one, so this was perfect.  Delicious dinner, but we got a weird fortune in one of the cookies.

My wife opened her cookie and it said, 'Being an able man.  There are always.'  What does that mean?  Is this a mistake, or am I missing something here?  It doesn't make sense, and my wife is not a man.  Why would you put a gender specific fortune in a cookie that could be eaten by the opposite gender?  Clearly, I'm over thinking this.

My fortune makes sense, but as you can see, there was an error and they forgot a letter. 'There is a prospect of a thrilling time head for you.'  I believe it should be 'ahead.'  Can't wait to see what my thrilling time will be though, I guess I have something to look forward to.




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