In honor of today being 'International Beer Day', we asked The Governor what beer is his favorite and he gave us quite an education on Granite State brews.

Governor Chris Sununu via Facebook
Governor Chris Sununu via Facebook

I'm a Bud Light guy, but my real favorite beers, a couple of the local brands are Schilling Beer Co up in Littleton is one of my favorites. 603 Brewery,  I have a great connection with over in Londonderry they have an awesome brewhouse.


Look, if I'm at the backyard BBQ and it's national stuff I go with the blue can if I don't have access to our local brews.


We have GREAT craft breweries here. It's not just filling your growler anymore it's going for a whole experience now.


About ten years ago there were something like five or six breweries in the state and now there are sixty or seventy. It's booming!  - Governor Chris Sununu

If you heard me giggling in the background, that was because I was trying to keep up with all the brands that the Governor was recommending. I thought for a second that I could create my own Gubernatorial six pack of endorsed NH brews.

He also mentions our neighbors, Maine and Vermont as being passionate beer drinkers that need to visit here to discover our tasty beers as well.


He throws down an all time quote as a qualifier to this compliment.

If you were in Maine or Vermont, ALL DAY LONG, you'd want to come down to NH too. - Governor Chris Sununu


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