Governor Sununu called The Shark Morning Show today and talked about the 10 new Statewide locations of COVID-19 test sites and how easy it is to get an appointment.

Governor Chris Sununu via Facebook
Governor Chris Sununu via Facebook

There's really no reason you can't get a test.


You go online to NH.Gov, you click a button you self attest, you don't need a Doctor's note anymore, you just say 'Hey a have a cough', 'I have an underlying health condition', 'I'm over the age of 60', you click, they call you back and you get an appointment.


And you get a test and you get it done.


Considering we were doing 200 tests a day back a month ago, doing an extra 1,600 a day is great and it's ALL across the State.


- Governor Chris Sununu on NH's New Testing Sites

We covered other issues today as well. The interview began with my inquiry about how he managed to keep his temper in check while being asked THE WORST two part question I've ever heard, at his presser on Monday.

It was a fascinating look at his thought process in which he focuses on reality first, then tries to walk the person back from the illogical and argumentative position that the question was asked from.

"In your mind you just have to say 'What is going on with this kind of nonsense?' And just smile because that's part of leadership, keeping your cool."

I was amazed at how calm he remained during that presser. It gives me confidence that I can REALLY ask some weird stuff the next time he calls us. Here we go!!!

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