They are as much a part of this sweet season as the fresh cut grass and lilacs are. And hey! I bet some of you secretly LIKE some of these foul springtime NH stenches.

5 Foul Stenches of NH Springtime

I'll admit it. I like the faint whiff of skunk while driving on a cool night in the spring. Maybe I'm a weirdo but as long as it goes away after a mile or two, I kinda like it!

Does anyone hate honeysuckle like I do? Or am I, once again, in the category of oddball?

I've heard beach enthusiasts claim that if the tide is low or high it all smells fantastic to them and that is something that I'll have to agree to disagree with.

I think that for anyone that dislikes the smell of regular cabbage, stomping through a patch of skunk cabbage would be a most unpleasant experience.

Got any other stenches of NH springtime that I may have forgotten?

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