Today is a good day.   With retail shops opening up, hair salons giving cuts and golfers on the golf course, it feels a little like it did in February.  (if they don't mind opening up in snow and rain the middle of May in New England)  But it is still sobering to see the numbers of positive COVID-19 cases going up and up.  Especially in Massachusetts.

My sister and her daughter live in Newburyport and they are not planning on getting back to normal anytime soon.  They are both working from home at the kitchen table.  My sister seems to be okay with it because her daughter has been doing the majority of the cooking and will bring her tea from time to time when she needs it.  Another unforeseen, but welcome, consequence of the pandemic is that my niece is learning to cook!

Here are the numbers for today, May 11, 2020:

According to NH.Gov, there are 3,071 cases

In Maine, 1,462 cases

Might I suggest, if you are getting down from time to time with this coronavirus pandemic, why not coordinate a drive by to a nearby assisted living facility.  The smiles on the faces of the residents and their caretakers will warm your heart.

The Shark was able to do that yesterday, on Mother's Day and we were just touched by the tears that came down from the people who waved at us driving by.  I was an event that I will never forget.  You can see pictures and a video of the experience here.

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