Three days after my first COVID-19 Vaccination, I was three beers in before I thought, 'Should I be doing this?'. This latest News Center report directly covers this 'sobering issue'.

The good news in the realm of booze is that the building of antibodies and a reasonable amount of alcohol can co-exist in the bloodstream.

It turns out, the three beers that I consumed that afternoon with an unhealthy amount of fried food didn't alter the effectiveness of the vaccination at all.

The one thing that they advise within a day or two surrounding your vaccination, is to keep hydrated.

Since the lion's share of painful hangover symptoms are all related directly to dehydration, I have to think if you overdid it at your 'I Got Vaccinated' party, you would be in a world of pain the next day.

How many times have you heard the word, 'Moderation', whenever you talk to any physician about drinking? That theme has returned again concerning the long term effects of boozing and the effectiveness of your COVID-19 Vaccination.

Drinking in excess of 4 drinks per day will hinder the effectiveness of your immune system, yet, 2 daily drinks isn't enough to sabotage the resilience of your immunity.

In the grand scheme of things, you're only looking at about a maximum time window of 7 weeks to curb your booze intake and increase the overall effectiveness of your COVID vaccine.

If this seems like too much of a restriction, and you haven't yet been vaccinated, maybe the one shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine would be an easier option.

As 'Vaccine Hesitancy' becomes more and more of an issue, unvaccinated people, more than likely, will be able to choose which brand of a shot they can have, and therefore shorten the time in which they need to wait, to once again drink a few shots!

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