Honestly, if the pandemic (at least the beginning of it) taught us one thing or gave us one opportunity, it was to slow down a bit and in a sense, live life the way we did in days passed. So when Facebook user Meredith Anne posted pictures of clouds she saw hovering above Hampton to the u Local New Hampshire group on Facebook, commenters re-lived their glory days of cloud gazing.

Meredith Anne via Facebook

What do you see when you look at that cloud? Pretty clearly, it looks like a profile view of a bust, but whose? Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Susan B. Anthony? Someone different than may or may not have a wicked honker (I'm sorry, but that cloud face looks like it has a massive nose, not that there's anything wrong with that. And I'm also not saying RBG or Susie B had big noses.)

Commenters on the thread on Facebook were all over the place with who they saw. Personally, the first person I thought of when I looked was George Washington, and Facebook user Pauline Granger of Belmont, New Hampshire echoed that sentiment. Tina Colangeli, also from Belmont, was along the same lines of seeing a founding father, but went a different route with her guess of Thomas Jefferson.

Meredith Anne via Facebook

Timothy Martin chimed in, staying along the Presidential Skyline and saying he sees our last former President, Donald Trump. Which personally was the second person after George Washington that came to mind for me. Pete Donovan had the first guess that wasn't one of our former leaders, and mentioned Sylvester Stallone (which, when you take into account the nose -- in this case, one that looks like it was punched a ton due to being Rocky Balboa, looks pretty accurate.)

One of the best (and most appropriate, considering it's New Hampshire) responses, though, came from Annette Untiet, who suggested that "The Old Man came to visit," obviously a reference of our forever missed and beloved Old Man of the Mountain. Pamela Healey Price, who lives in Gilford, was thinking along the same lines of Annette, suggesting it's "The Old Man of the Sky?"

Sometimes it's nice to just shut the problems of the real world off, mentally tune out, and just do something as simple as gaze up at the clouds. What or who do you see in the two pictures Meredith Anne snapped?

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